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66 Adams Blvd.
Brantford, Ontario
66 Adams Blvd. Brantford, Ontario

Choosing HDPE Pipes for Your Mining Operation

No matter where your mine operates, no matter what you’re extracting, Sandale is your source for High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes that keep your mining operation going.

Sandale Utility Products is a leader in providing cutting-edge HDPE solutions customized for the demands of North America’s most demanding mining operations. Backed by a team of experienced HDPE specialists, Sandale’s HDPE products meet the challenges of the mining industry head-on. 

Sandale’s HDPE Pipes for Every Mining Application Installed by Huron Mining

We have limitless access to the largest variety of HDPE pipes to meet the needs of any application, including those in mining operations. Whether you’re needs are dewatering, moving high-pressure water or managing corrosive chemicals, our HDPE pipes are engineered to meet and exceed industry standards and keep you operational. 

Recently, Huron Mining fused and installed HDPE in 12 boreholes with fused and clamped fittings following the guidance and on-site training provided by Sandale in the extremely remote areas of Northern Ontario. 

The installation involved moving and installing long sections of HDPE pipe (lighter and easier to handle than steel), which eliminated the need to field weld unwieldy steel pipes. 

The installation also utilized HDPE pipes underground, which eliminated the need for underground welders, hot work permits, and helped speed up the project rather than using the traditional piping methods. This created a safer and easier worksite for everyone involved. Sandale’s team worked closely with Huron Mining through design, procurement, installation and right through to project completion.

HDPE Pipe Installation with Fusion Welding

Fusion welding, a cornerstone of HDPE pipe installation, ensures leak-free joints and a seamless pipeline network. Sandale has industry-leading fusion equipment, which we can train your crew on onsite, depending on the needs of your project. 

Our fusion equipment technicians are highly trained and certified and can complete any job with precision, speed, and reliability, even in the harsh conditions of mining operations.

Making the Transition to HDPE

Transitioning from traditional materials to HDPE pipes may seem like a significant decision, but the time and energy spent switching is well worth the long-term costs for you or your client. 

Sandale’s mining industry experts will work with you to help you understand the product and processes, and how mining project managers across North America trust HDPE pipes and the team backing them up.

A Mining Marvel: Sandale’s Customized HDPE Products

The process of working with Sandale is seamless. In many cases, a single phone call to an account manager can ensure all of the materials you need are delivered. Depending on the scope of the project, Sandale works with suppliers as far away as Houston on your behalf. 

Sandale’s HDPE history, inventory of HDPE materials, and commitment to your success make us the best solution for your mining project. Reach out to one of our project managers right now to learn more and experience the Sandale difference.


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