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Brantford, Ontario
66 Adams Blvd. Brantford, Ontario

HDPE Pipes: The Safer Choice for Ontario’s Infrastructure

Today’s newly constructed infrastructure is just a tad different from the unsafe, unreliable and limited options of the past. Solutions today for piping, for example, allow our built environment to ensure safety, efficiency and longevity for decades to come.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes have emerged as the superior and safe choice for Ontario’s infrastructure, from water transportation applications to the oil and gas industry to wastewater treatment.

Here in Ontario, Canada, when it comes to HDPE pipes, accessories and installation, as well as fusion equipment, Sandale is your trusted partner.

What Makes Sandale Ontario’s HDPE Pipes Safe?

We’re glad you asked! Here are some of the many reasons why Sandale HDPE products are simply the best.

HDPE has Leak-Free Joints

One of the primary safety advantages of HDPE pipes is that the joints are fused using specialized Sandale-owned equipment. Heat fusion leaves seamless, leak-free connections that reduce the risks of leaks.

HDPE is Resistant to Corrosion

No matter the HDPE pipe chosen for your specific application, they resist corrosion and can often handle the worst substances, reducing “wear and “tear” that often leads to safety issues.

HDPE Pipes are Flexible

HDPE pipes are very flexible, which limits cracking and leaking, and are highly resistant to impact and vibrations. In underground applications, these pipes can withstand ground movement, reducing the risk of fractures and maintaining the safety of the system.

HDPE Pipes Last a Long Time

Sandale’s pipes have a significantly longer service life compared to conventional materials like steel and PVC. And the fewer times a pipe needs to be worked on means fewer instances of potential safety issues.

HDPE is Non-Toxic

These pipes are non-toxic and are the choice pipe option for potable water, ensuring that Ontario’s water supply remains safe and free from contaminants. Additionally, the smooth inner surface (from fusion technology usage) helps to prevent buildup and maintain the finest water quality.

Resistance to UV Rays

HDPE pipes are designed to withstand UV radiation, making them a superior option for above-ground applications. This ensures that the pipes retain their structural integrity and that chemicals do not leach into the pipe’s contents.

hdpe conduit pipes

Sandale: Ontario’s Safest Choice for HDPE Pipes

Sandale is situated in Ontario to efficiently provide pipe and fittings for construction projects big and small. With years of success in the industry experience, Sandale understands the benefits of HDPE pipes, and why it’s the safest/best option for many infrastructure projects.

Why Sandale?

  • We have a wide range HDPE pipes in stock, as well as through our suppliers.

  • We’re not just suppliers, but installers, with industry-leading fusion equipment to create seamless jointing to minimize risk.

  • We understand compliance with industry standards and best practices for your applications.

  • Our project management teams can provide invaluable technical support and guidance for the entire length of your project’s lifecycle, as well as afterward.

  • We believe in sustainability and recommend HDPE for many reasons, including its environmentally friendly material.

HDPE pipes are the safest choice for today’s infrastructure projects due to their leak-free joints, corrosion resistance, flexibility, longevity and high-quality construction. Learn more about the benefits of HDPE for your next project, and reach out to one of Sandale’s team members to learn more about the benefits for you and your project right now.

Safety Starts With Sandale HDPE

When it comes to HDPE pipes, installation, and accessories, as well as fusion equipment in Ontario, Sandale stands out as the preferred choice, offering a comprehensive range of products and unmatched expertise. Embracing the shift towards safer and more sustainable construction materials, HDPE pipes have undoubtedly secured their place as the piping material of the future.


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