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How to Source the Best HDPE Microducts for Fibre Optic Cable Installation

Installing telecommunications and fibre optic cables in Ontario requires the very best HDPE microducting – a solution that is easy to install, reduces construction costs, meets future capacity needs, and lasts decades.

Sandale Ontario’s HDPE microducts are multi-way conduits that protect cables and can be used in a wide range of industries, including telecom, cable television, enterprise, commercial/industrial, energy and DOT. Our decades of experience supplying microducts for every application imaginable has made Sandale a leader throughout Ontario in finding the right solution every time.


The Best HDPE Microducting in Ontario for Cable Installation

Sandale knows what’s best when installing and protecting fibre optic cables. Our HDPE microducts are small ducts that protect cables when they are run underground. Typical sizes range from 5 to 16 mm, with microcables that can scale up to 432 fibres!

Sandale’s microducts are often bundled together inside a polyethylene oversheath to suit your project’s requirements and have standard configurations of 2-way microducts, 3-way microduts, 4-way microducts, 7-way microducts and 16-way microducts. If that wasn’t enough, even the colours can be customized!

One of our customers’ most preferred features is that our microducts can be pre-installed with fibre optic cables or have a pull-string option that makes installation faster than ever before. 

Operationally, our Sandale’s HDPE microducts have a history of no performance loss in all temperature conditions and functions without additional wet lubricants. 

Installation Options for Microducting in Ontario

Bundled HDPE microducting can be installed in several different ways to meet the needs of your job site: back-hauling, plow installation, trench installation, direct burying, directional drilling, overriding, and using existing conduits.

Whether the microducts will be directly buried or bundled, Sandale recommends using thicker-walled ducts to maintain the best fill ratios and give you a faster and easier installation every time. 

If the ducts or bundles are to be installed using existing conduit, Sandale recommends thinner walled microducting since protection is already provided and space could be at a premium. 

HDPE Microducting Accessories Available in Ontario

Microducting accessories include straight and transition couplers, helping to make assembly and disassembly a breeze without the use of additional tools.

These couplers secure your ducts' air and water connections and can be colour-customized for easy site identification. Like the ducts themselves, couplers can also withstand chemical and harsh environmental conditions.

Go Big or Go Home With Extra-Large Four-Way Bundles

Sandale’s four-way ‘jumbo’ bundles have four large conduits to accommodate bigger and more numerous fibre optic cables with higher capacity. The additional size is needed for larger-scale projects such as extensive metropolitan area networks (MANs) or long-haul networks connecting municipalities. It’s also great for proactive customers who understand that the future may require additional capacity and cables.

Just like Sandale’s other HDPE ducts for fibre optic applications, no special tools or equipment are needed. 

All conduit dimensions meet or exceed one or more of the following: ASTM F-2160, ASTM D-3350, ASTM D-3485, NEMA TC-7, UL 651A, UL 1990, Bellcore GR-356.

Reach out to Sandale in Ontario for HDPE Microducting Supplies

Whether you’re installing a new fibre optic line for a business, airport, university or anywhere else in Ontario, trust Sandale’s team to source the best HDPE ducting materials – and all other HDPE supplies – to ensure your project uses only the very best.

Give our industry experts a call at 519-754-1366, email, or fill out a form for a personalized quote


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