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66 Adams Blvd.
Brantford, Ontario
66 Adams Blvd. Brantford, Ontario

Sandale is the Clear Way Forward for Sewer and Water Main Projects

Clearway Construction, a civil infrastructure contractor specializing in sewer and water main projects, faced a complex project involving the installation of a 48" HDPE sewer on Valley Farm Road in Pickering.

There are a few HDPE suppliers in Canada, but there is only one Sandale, a leading HDPE pipe supplier here in Ontario. They had worked with Clearway Construction on a number of other projects, but it was Clearway Project Manager Joseph Furlong’s first introduction to them. After this project, it certainly won’t be their last project together either.

Tackling a Complex Project With HDPE and Dedicated Customer Care

Valley Farm Road’s sewer project involved replacing 600 feet of the sewer two metres below grade with 48” DR21 pipe – an arduous task under even the best conditions.

But before the project even commenced, Sandale’s Vlad Chilikin identified a number of inconsistencies in the drawings and alerted Clearway Construction about potential challenges. It was discovered that the design included curvatures beyond the capacity of the 48" (1200mm) DR21 IPS HDPE pipe.

“We had multiple meetings with Clearway and the municipality,” says Vlad Chilikin, an Outside Account Manager for Sandale. “We quickly provided the information needed as well as engineering support to help with the changes.” In a tight timeline, Sandale provided fully rated bends and assisted in modifying the proposed methodology to ensure a safe and effective solution.

With the project already delayed and a limited window for completion, Sandale collaborated with Clearway Construction to fix the issue, organize the crew and have the proper equipment ready at the site.

The Clock Was Ticking to Complete the HDPE Upgrade

The sewer work involved shutting down the busy Valley Farm Road in Pickering, which had challenges in terms of depth, workspace and connection to the sewers. Clearway Construction worked with Sandale to address these challenges effectively, minimizing disruptions and delays.

Shortly into the pipe-laying project, there was an equipment failure incident with the fusion machine. Sandale was quickly able to bring in another McElroy Tracstar 1200i self-propelled, track-mounted fusion machine to finish the job with only a very short delay. This could have cost the project significant fees, but the speed of the replacement ensured that the project proceeded mostly as planned.

Sandale took responsibility for resolving the issue at its own expense and provided monetary breaks to the customer, demonstrating its commitment to customer satisfaction.

When the new HDPE pipe was installed and ready for fusion with the existing pipe, Sandale set up its ditch-ready fusion machine, which was dropped into the tight space to make the final pieces of the process literally seamless.

Experiencing the Sandale Difference First-hand

Furlong was impressed with Sandale’s prompt responses to design changes, effective communication and ability to deliver projects within cost and time constraints.

The entire project took one month for proposals/ shipping and about three months for work to be completed on-site. Considering the obstacles faced, this was a huge success.

“This project was definitely on my top 10 list due to design conflicts and difficulty to deliver,” says Furlong. “But everyone was pleased with the outcome and delays were minimized – even though the design scope had changed so drastically.”

Clearway Construction’s crew was also impressed by Sandale’s professionalism and service knowledge.

Trust the Sandale Difference Throughout Ontario, Canada

Sandale has an exceptional track record in delivering HDPE solutions with prompt and reliable customer service and addressing issues when they arise. As it showed in the Clearway Construction Project, Sandale provides itself in its communication, expertise and support from project inception through to completion.

Sandale is a trusted partner for contractors and municipalities seeking excellence in HDPE pipe solutions. No one else can match our customer service: prompt responses, effective communication and ability to deliver the project within cost and time constraints.

Learn more about Clearway Construction, and click to Sandale’s Resources page to read more case studies showcasing the value-added benefits of Ontario’s HDPE leader, Sandale.


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