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66 Adams Blvd.
Brantford, Ontario
66 Adams Blvd. Brantford, Ontario

Sandale’s Fusion Training Programs for HDPE Pipes

Ontario’s foremost fusion training program for HDPE piping is only possible through Sandale – the #1 choice to be trained by certified McElroy professionals who give you the ability to install your HDPE pipes perfectly every time. 

Sandale is Ontario’s McElroy manufacturing equipment distributor within driving distance of many major cities in the province, making the training program within reach of most businesses.

The training can occur before or during your project commencement; however, all of the training uses test pipes – those not in operation. The training typically takes a full day for each training type or three hours per person.

Why Choose Sandale for your HDPE Butt-Fusion Training in Ontario?

Since 1954, McElroy has been the leader in the innovation of thermoplastic pipe fusion and McElroy University has been the gold standard in training for operators and technicians throughout the world. Available courses are meant to enhance the operator's efficiency, productivity and safety in the proper use of McElroy machines. 

Sandale’s trainers received their certification directly through McElroy University. After initial certification, our trainers were then upgraded twice to become fully certified trainers in saddle, socket and butt fusion up to 63”.

All courses through Sandale are taught and designed only by Certified McElroy Instructors so that the skills learned and the machines used in each class closely match the situations, equipment and operations found on the job site.

What Will You Learn?

The training programs focus on the F2620 fusion standard, which involves field joining of polyethylene (PE) pipe and fittings, using suitable equipment and appropriate environmental control procedures.

Areas of training include: 

  • Socket fusion – A method used to join two pieces of high-density polyethylene pipes or fittings together.

  • Saddle/sidewall fusion – A technique to connect a smaller pipe to a larger main pipe, resembling the shape of a saddle. The joint created in this process is known as a saddle or sidewall fusion joint.

  • Manual butt fusion – This involves heating the ends of the pipes or fittings to a specific temperature, then manually bringing them together to create a fusion joint.

  • Hydraulic butt fusion – this joins two ends together using hydraulic force.

  • Large-diameter hydraulic butt fusion – This joins two large-diameter ends together using hydraulic force.

  • Fusion safety – Proper training, protective gear and adherence to safety protocols are essential to ensure a secure and hazard-free fusion process.

Attending the class, learning the material and understanding everything is certainly important, but most importantly, you will know how to perform the basic operations of the McElroy fusion equipment. Once this happens, certification will be completed. Each student will also receive a custom sheet that covers the basics of butt fusion.

Register for Your Fusion Training Today

Becoming certified in fusion equipment is essential to ensure that HDPE remains a monolithic leak-free system. Proper fusion training is important for the health and safety of the entire project!

Although Sandale primarily trains those in Ontario, we are able to reach out to other provinces and also businesses in the U.S.A. Connect with our team and book your training now. Simply complete our online form and select that you are interested in “Fusion Training.” See you here at Sandale soon!


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