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66 Adams Blvd.
Brantford, Ontario
66 Adams Blvd. Brantford, Ontario

Understanding the Difference of Sandale: Ontario’s HDPE Pipe, Equipment and Services Leader

Ontario’s construction industry leaders who need the very best HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) solutions trust Sandale. As a reliable partner at every step of the process – from design to installation – Sandale’s knowledge, experience and product selection are unrivalled.

With more than 30 years of experience, Sandale provides products and services to a variety of markets such as industrial, municipal, environmental, telecommunications, gas gathering and gas distribution. No matter the client or location, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence every time.

This is all certainly easier said than done. Beyond supplying HDPE pipes, we have a range of value-added services, pipe accessories and fusion machines, an innovative facility and a team of professionals unmatched anywhere else in Canada.

Let’s find out more.

Sandale Has Value-Added HDPE Services Across Ontario

We guarantee a superior HDPE experience in every way possible. That means high-quality and reliable products, but it also means so much more.

Sandale is your trusted HDPE partner that also prides itself in delivering value-added services, from assisting with the specification process to distributing products throughout North America.

From your first interaction with an experienced member of our Project Management Team, you will have access to the insight to make your project seamless.

Our team will analyze your project and understand how it integrates with the greater system, whether it is to move potable water, wastewater, chemicals or compressed gases. We can then deliver in-house engineered solutions that will exceed your expectations.

After project completion, Sandale’s value-added assistance continues to deliver benefits, with maintenance services ensuring your system’s longevity and efficiency.

Sandale Ontario Has HDPE Pipe Accessories and Fusion Machines

Check out Sandale’s HDPE pipes! We have them all, big and small, from dual containment pipes and insulated pipes to profile pipes and corrugated pipes – and beyond. The answer to your dilemma rests in our distribution centre.

But Sandale is more than pipes. Working with a dedicated account manager, you have access to all of the equipment needed to complete your project: cable jetting equipment, couplings, lubricants, pull tape, tracer wire, Soleno stormwater systems, multi/joint restraint systems, prefabricated valve chambers, Weholite engineered systems, culverts for drainage, geomembranes, muscle wall contaminants and Mineflex lay flat hose.

When it comes to HDPE fusion machinery, no one else in Ontario can beat Sandale. Whether your particular application requires butt fusion, socket fusion, electrofusion or sidewall fusion, or technicians are well-versed in fusing HDPE pipes as needed.

Sandale is Ontario’s Leading-Edge HDPE Facility

Sandale’s Brantford, Ontario headquarters includes offices for in-house project managers, engineers and support staff. The facility also has indoor and outdoor storage in addition to a large indoor facility for material handling and assembly. Here, our team manages orders and even produces custom fabrications as needed.

This single location gives Sandale, and thus our customers, access to more HDPE pipes and accessories than most other businesses in Canada.

Ontario’s Premier Team of HDPE Professionals

Certainly, the biggest reason why Sandale remains king of Canada’s HDPE pipe distribution is not just because of its great service and products, but the people who consistently go above and beyond to make sure your project is done right.

The members of our HDPE team work together as a single unit, providing world-class service to ensure that the projects that we are a part of get completed with flawless execution no matter the size, schedule or complexity. At their core lies Sandale’s values: fairness and caring; trust and respect; straight talk; and generous listening.

We also pride ourselves in our HDPE experience and knowledge:

  • We have technicians with almost 20 years of experience fusing HDPE.

  • Our team is certified in all types of fusion, including Polypropylene and PE-RT.

  • We have certified McElroy instructors and mechanics.

With this backing, Sandale is a certified inspector for McElroy fusion machinery for the gas industry via Enbridge.

Through our decades of experience and knowledge of HDPE pipes, our Ontario-based technicians have fused pipes with diameters up to 63”!

See the Difference with Sandale: Ontario’s Pipe Fusion Equipment and Services Leader

Reach out to our project management team today to discuss your Ontario project and how we can deliver superior HDPE solutions that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.


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