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66 Adams Blvd.
Brantford, Ontario
66 Adams Blvd. Brantford, Ontario
  • Gas Distribution Fittings

Gas Distribution Fittings

Sandale is a knowledgeable and experienced supplier of HDPE and MDPE fittings for gas gathering and distribution. Polyethylene fittings for gas applications require the use of a specific grade of resin for butt fusion, socket fusion, and electrofusion fittings. Sandale can assist in supplying all types of fusion fittings for gas applications. Below is a list of the gas distribution fittings Sandale offers:


  • Elbows
  • Tees
  • Reducers
  • Transition Fittings
  • Pull Heads
  • End Caps
  • Flanges and Back Up Rings
  • Electrofusion Couplings and Fittings
  • HDPE Valves
  • HDPE Service Saddles
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