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Brantford, Ontario
66 Adams Blvd. Brantford, Ontario

Go Green With HDPE

Look around, and you’ll agree that we need to be taking better care of the world around us. Finding sustainable solutions for building is a crucial way that we can reduce waste, think smarter and create a better world for our kids and grandkids.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) has emerged as a champion in this quest for sustainability, offering a multitude of eco-friendly benefits. Let’s explore how HDPE supplied by Sandale Ontario is contributing to a more sustainable world.

HDPE Production Generates Less Waste

Think of the amount of energy required to create steel, concrete or PVC pipes, and compare that with HDPE pipes.

HDPE’s production process not only involves a reduced dependency on natural resources, but it also reduces its environmental impact with fewer chemicals, less energy requirements and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

HDPE Requires Less Energy to Construct and Install

HDPE is a lightweight non-toxic polymer, and is in a completely different league than steel, which requires significantly more resources to fabricate to project specifications.

Its transportation waste is also minimized with lightweight loads that can’t be compared to steel or concrete.

Installation is ‘easy’ as well, with fewer heavy lifts than steel or concrete and minimal disruption to the environment. Since pipes are flexible and lightweight, they are perfect for horizontal directional drilling or slip lining, which helps to keep our precious environment undisturbed.

HDPE is Long-lasting

HDPE pipes are designed to last a very long time – so long that you may not even have to worry about the next replacement.

HDEP is everything you dreamed of and more:

  • resistant to chemicals;

  • resistant to ultraviolet light;

  • watertight;

  • resistant to heavy impact; and

  • flexible.

With these properties, HDPE is innovating the industry and delivering high-quality projects previously dominated by PVC, concrete and steel.

HDPE Has A+ Recyclability

Decades down the road, when replacement does become a topic of discussion, owners can rest assured that HDPE is fully recyclable. HDPE items are then mechanically shredded into smaller pieces, then melted and formed into granules to be used as raw materials for new HDPE products – such as more HDPE pipes! This same process can be done many times to the same HDPE material without a major loss in quality.

Think Environmental Responsibility. Think HDPE.

Sandale is your premier source for eco-friendly HDPE pipes of every shape and size. If you are seeking a pipe solution with practical ‘green’ outcomes, look no further.

Reach out to our North American account team members today to discuss your next project and learn more about how HDPE pipes are the future of environmental sustainability.


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